Monday, September 30, 2013

Bacon wrapped chicken breasts with stuffing.


         2 Boneless skinless chicken breasts.
         Fresh mushrooms  3 or 4
         Chopped onion
         4- 6 bacon slices partially cooked
         Cream cheese
         8-10 toothpicks soaked in water
         These were huge chicken breasts so I sliced them and butterflied.
          Saute onions, mushrooms and garlic until translucent.
          Add cream cheese to chicken,  mushrooms, onions and garlic.
          Wrap with bacon and secure with toothpicks.
          Refrigerate for an hour or more.
          Preheat your Weber Q for 15 minutes or so, turn down to medium low, add potato slices coated with olive oil and spices and add chicken.
          Keep lid closed as much as possible.
          Turn taters and chicken twice in the next 35 minutes until chicken reaches 180f internal                  temperature.
         Slice chicken breasts in half and pound out real thin (1/2 inch), wrapped with "saran wrap". Sautéed some fresh mushrooms and onions. Then added some cream cheese on the bottom, mushrooms onions and garlic on top, wrapped with a couple slices of partly cooked bacon, secure with some soaked tooth picks and ready to grill.
pounded thin
add stuffing
secure with toothpicks and refrigerate for and hour or so
            Fire up our Weber Q. Preheat 15 minutes or more, turn to medium low. Set the chicken and taters on the grill, turn 2 times in the next 35 minutes and done to perfection.
Chicken was moist and tasty, perfect
I just whipped up a caesar salad and hit the spot!
        Was a great tasty change for a chicken breast, and so easy!

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