Friday, September 27, 2013

Meat Loaf on our Weber Q

Meat Loaf on our Weber Q

        Had to try meatloaf on our Weber Q. Standard ground beef meatloaf recipe (whatever you like there is so many out there) but for this one I hid some cheese in the middle. Then put the rest of the meat on top. I wrapped it in foil and set in the fridge for a couple hours (firm up) until time to cook.
cheese is hidden
refrigerate for a while
         Now preheated the grill for 15 minutes and turn the heat down to very low. Set the meatloaf right on the grill (no foil or pan) and closed the lid. Remember low and slow.
        Time to enjoy our books for a while, 30 minutes, gently turn over for about 15 minutes.
        Then throw some taters on the grill and carrots in foil the next 35 minutes until the meatloaf reaches 160f internal temperature with my instant read thermometer.
Looking good
        Worked out perfect, very tasty and a great way to cook our meatloaf on our Weber Q-100. No excess fat but still the juices were sealed in. Then at the last 10 minutes, slathered some BBQ sauce (brown sugar and spices included or whatever you like) on the top.
so tasty
          The nice thing about cooking this on the Weber is no messy dishes to clean up. An the grease goes into the drip pan underneath. And by preheating the grill next time and brushing with a stainless steel grill brush is ready to cook you next meal. 

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