Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roast Beef potatoes and Asparagus

Roast Beef, Potatoes asparagus and Yorkshire Pudding

        For supper tonight we decided to BBQ a nice 2 pound eye of the round roast on our Weber Q. Marinated it for a couple, hours in olive oil, vinegar, steak spice, sea salt, pepper and garlic. Then two layers of foil and my small trivet on the preheated grill. Fat side up close the lid on high and let go for about 30 minutes ass potatoes at this time. Turned down almost on low,  for another 30 minutes. Heated up the oven for some Yorkshire Pudding (I cheat and use the mix).
my trivet is a small cooling rack

         I took off the roast and taters (let them rest) and grilled our fresh asparagus for 3-4 minutes or so..
 medium well done 150 F, Guess I did it too long. Prefer rare,
but was still tasty and pretty tender.
Yorkshire Pudding , love it!
Was a very tasty supper,
More leftovers again, love it!

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