Friday, December 27, 2013

Pork Ribs On The Q

Pork Ribs

           This is an easy way to make very tasty Pork ribs on your grill.
I just take a whole rack of pork back rib, cut into two sections and layer in a foil pan with sauerkraut on the bottom and a 1/2 cup water,between the layers and on top, spice with your favourite spice and wrap tightly with foil.
          Now with our Weber Q preheated and on low let then roast away there for about and hour of so, until tender, the longer the better.
         Then remove from foil set aside the sauerkraut return ribs to the grill. and slather your favourite BBQ sauce (with lotsa brown sugar or honey to make them sticky good) on the ribs and grill enough to caramelize then ready to serve.
         Now recently I discovered the Grill Mat, I do like to set them on this and keeps the grill from getting all messed up.
the grill mat is a wonderful addition
Soo tasty
        Add potatoes in foil with onions and cauliflower w/ cheese really hit the spot.


  1. I'm going to try this way of making ribs. Sounds delish!!

    1. They are Karen, sure you wil;l enjoy them that way so tasty.


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