Monday, April 13, 2015

Our daily lettuce salad and dressing

      I have a quite few request for the yummy healthy salad I make almost every day so just thought I would add it to my recipe blog. You add our delete as you like but we both enjoy it and could actually be a while meal in itself. You could add cold turkey, ham, chicken, tuna, salmon or a hot side dish,  whatever.
this is a sample with BBQ's pork ribs

Here is what I put in the salad, all chopped in tiny bite size pieces.

- Baby Spinach
- Red leaf lettuce or iceberg lettuce
- Cucumber
- Red onion,
- Fresh mushrooms, sliced
- Yellow, orange or red pepper
- Grape tomatoes cut in half
- sunflower seeds
- sesame seeds
- dried cranberries
- a tablespoon or so of bean salad
- ground flax seed
- and 4 pitted ripe olives and Jalapeño peppers (for me)

sometimes I will add avocado slices as well. 

The salad dressing is easy too, 1/3 balsamic vinegar to 2/3 extra virgin olive oil. (EVOO)

And a few sesame seed thin rice crackers with roasted garlic hummus to dip on the side.

I have also done it with just plain cottage cheese as a dressing.

The possibilities are endless when you make your own.

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