Saturday, August 29, 2015

Chicken Noodle Soup

 After so many years in my restaurant making soups I don't even think about it much just throw things together and you have soup. But I was asked for a recipe so will do my best at giving you instructions.
chicken soup about ready just add the noodles


A whole bunch of leftover chicken bones either roasted, done on the BBQ or rotisserie  chicken or even leftover Turkey, then it Turkey noodle soup.
Large pot of water enough to more than cover the bones.
2-3 bay leaves
Salt and pepper
Oxo Bouillon if needed.
1/2 cup or so of  chopped celery, carrots and chopped onion.
tsp or so of garlic paste of couple cloves minced garlic.
A handfull or so of frozen veggies.
Handfull or two of broad egg boodles or any pasta or even rice if you like.
You can always add a bit more leftover chicken to make sure you have enough meat.
Tbsp or so chopped parsley


Boil the carcass for an hour or more lid off, top up with water as needed.
Remove from heat and put through a fine mesh colander allowing the bones ad broth to cool.
Remove any excess meat from the bones and add back to the broth.
I like to set the broth in the fridge overnight to cool and the next day skim most of the fat from the top.
Back on the stove to simmer for a while with the lid off.
Add the celery, carrots. onion garlic and bay leaves, parsley, salt and pepper to taste
Let this simmer for and hour or so until it to reduce and will begin to have more flavor.
If need be add some OXO for more chicken flavor, maybe a bit more salt and pepper or any other spices that you like.
Last 20 minutes add you noodles and when they are done taste again.

Hope this helps.

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