Saturday, August 1, 2015

Corn Kabobs

A nice change and very tasty Kabobs with a garlic glaze on the BBQ.
I found and interesting recipe and modified it to the ingredients that we had on hand.

This is to make 2 Kabobs just up the ingredients to makes more.


2 cobs of fresh corn, husked and cut into 5 equal pieces.
4 chunks of zucchini (i used 2 green and 2 yellow about and inch thick)
4 chunks of yellow pepper or whatever you like.

It calls for 2 smoked sausage cut in 1- 1/2 inch chunks, did not have any so left that out.


2 cloves fresh garlic minced
2 tbs  low sodium soya sauce
1/4 cup each ketchup and honey ( Had no honey so used corn syrup)


In a large pot of water I cooked the corn pieces 4 minutes until almost tender

Now mix the glaze ingredients together bring to a boil stirring frequently (I used the microwave)

Thread the Kabobs on metal skewers.

Preheat the grill and cook over medium heat, turning frequently and brushing with the glaze until the veggies are tender about 15 minutes.

Enjoy !

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