Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lobster Tails

       Lobster tails are always a nice treat when we can get them especially when we are on the east coast and fresh caught. But we are in the Arizona desert not so much but bought a couple nice sized ones on sale for a very good price. (2 for $7.97) Just waiting for the perfect time to cook them.
      These are easy to do and so very tasty.
      The way I did them was to take my kitchener shears and cut down the back of the shell, move the tail meat over the shell and then steam them for about 6 minutes until done to perfection.
2 very nice tails
thawed out and ready to prep
cut down the shell with kitchen shears 
open the meat and set on the shell
      Add a bit of water in the pan set the steamer and tails in and very shortly they will be perfect, don't want to over cook these babies or will be tough. This took about 6 minutes and were amazing.
about 6 minutes and done
don't overcook
Yup Suzie Happy.
melted butter lobster
and wine
enjoyed with some melted butter
awesome !
     Of course we need some melted butter just because everything goes better with butter. And we do just happen to have our butter warmers on board just for these special occasions.



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